Fujifilm X-pro 1, travel companion

So firstly, I have to apologise for going missing for so long, a house move and a crazy few months have kept me from updating the blog. Anyway, I'm back and to kick off I'm going to chat about my trips over the summer and how I coped with the x-pro 1 instead of my dslr.

        My first couple of trips, one to Wales and then one to Spain, I bottled it and took the 5d with me as well, I absolutely didn't need to, the x-pro didn't let me down at all and the longer I use the fuji kit, the more intuitive my way of working with it becomes. This is absolutely crucial for me, I don't even want to think about my kit when I'm working, and the fuji really lends itself to that, I can have everything mapped out on physical buttons so I'm not stuck messing about in menus instead of taking a shot.

The absolute best thing about the Fuji x-pro 1 for travel is how compact yet sturdy it is.  The camera feels solid, balances well in your  hand and with a decent sling can be carried around all day without the usual ache from lugging a dslr with a few lenses.

There is a real freedom to having such quality in a compact form. Firstly, the x-pro 1 goes everywhere with me, I don't even think about it any more. I just slip it into any bag I'm carrying, with the 5d it's a real conscious effort to take it out, I'm not just grabbing it unless I'm purposely going out to shoot whereas the x-pro is always there. I got shots this summer that I would never normally get because I would have been without a camera.

I love fuji for making the x series of cameras, the quality is exceptional, they are a joy to use, of course they have their quirks, I've yet to use a camera that doesn't have something that could be better, but the fuji x-pro 1 gets most things right. Fuji also seem to really listen to their customers, every firmware update has addressed issues that people raised and added features that have been of real use, the recent peak focusing upgrade for the x-pro 1 being an example.

Al of the photos so far have been taken with the 35mm f1.4, one of the nicest lenses I've used. The next few were taken with the 18mm f2

The 18mm is still a nice lens, it's tiny and very light, it's not as good as the 35mm, but then, not many lenses are.
The Fuji x-pro 1 is perfect for travel, especially now with airlines reducing cabin baggage, I'd rather have my x-pro 1 and a couple of lenses next to me than my dslr left to the mercy of the hold.

Next up, I'm going to be talking about the Fuji x100s and how Fuji turned a great camera into an excellent one. Here's a sneak preview picture

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  1. Very nice pictures. Do you shoot professionally with the X mount as well?

  2. Yes definitely, the x-pro 1 files print beautifully and now that aperture handles the x-pro raw files, it's easily up to pro work, I don't use it for headshot work but that's because the x-pro doesn't yet have a portrait lens that I like. I wasn't a fan of the 60mm macro but once the 56mm 1.2 comes out that could all change

  3. I also love the x-pro 1 but I find the optical viewfinder irritating to use. Your photos are precisely composed. Do you use the electronic viewfinder or have you gotten used to the optical viewfinder?

  4. Both really, I would say that I probably favour the electric vf but there's not much in it. I'm not sure how successful I would be with the ovf if I was using a zoom but I've worked it out fairly well with the 35mm although there was a fair bit of trial and error to begin with.

  5. I found the XPro-1 to be exceedingly frustrating to use. I really wanted to like it. So much so that I bought one TWICE. I was convinced that last update would do the trick. Not so much.

    I'm glad the the Fuji X cameras are working for some people, but I think that it's getting to the point that people are completely glossing over the downsides turning the Fujis into a magical camera that does everything perfect, including the dishes.

    I found that there were too many buttons and arcane menu items and the autofocus was like trying to launch a missile attack with a faulty navigation system. It's a good camera but it gets in the way of taking photos by being more difficult than necessary to operate.

    I won't be back for a third attempt.

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